About Me? Really? Oh, alright. If I must…


I’m just an avid reader…. pretty simple really.  I also love to talk about books. All the opinions are my own, especially if you agree with them!!! (If you don’t, then I was temporarily out of service and my opinions were taken over by aliens. Yeah, that’s it.)

I may or may not have a WIP or two of my own and I may or may not ever let them see the light of day. It’ll depend. Not sure on what, but I’m sure I’ll think of a good excuse not to let anyone actually read them. 😉

I do not think I’m an expert, I do not consider myself a “book snob”.  I am and always will be a proud Book Nerd, a recovering Book-A-Holic, and I will pretty much read any genre. (Well, almost any genre. I have to have SOME limits! Geeesh!)

I hope you enjoy! Happy reading to all!

I’m also here:  http://www.tumblr.com/blog/neednewspace

And here: @NeedNewSpace

Oh, and here:  neednewspace@gmail.com


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