The Impossible Fortress by Jason Redulak


How do you motivate three fourteen year old misfit buddies from the 80s? Come up with a plan for acquiring the most sought after magazine of their time. Playboy. Featuring the one and only, Vanna White of “Wheel of Fortune” fame, in all her naked glory. These boys, Billy, Clark, & Alf, are desperate. And so is every other underage boy in their high school. How far will they go to get the magazine? 

Take a portal back to 1980-something and read on. With great 80s references and some BASIC coding at the start of each chapter, author Jason Redulak “turns back time” in this comic adventure about young boys, their vices, their first loves, and their willingness to do anything to see a naked woman. 

A great, fun read! Do not compare this one to Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, however. This is a lighter look at the 80s and is set in the 80s. The music, the advent of the computer age, and the necessity for pay phones live here. So if you’re feeling a little nostalgic or want to experience the 80s for the first time give this one a read. 

4 Ghosts for this one! Blinky, Pinky, Inky, & Clyde would agree. 

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