Freeks by Amanda Hocking


Available now for preorder. In-store January 3, 2017. 

As soon as this book was announced I was so excited! A big Thank You to St. Martins Press and Indigo for the ARC. I always credit Amanda Hocking as the reason I began reading YA. I stumbled upon her Trylle trilogy when she first self-published it and fell deeply under her spell. With a deft pen and fearless imagination Hocking has the ability to draw you into her world. Freeks is no exception. 

Mara is a carny. She travels the country with her Mom and the rest of her carnival family bringing fun and sights of wonder to the masses. But this carnival is special. The “acts” are not just acts. The wonders that each carnival sideshow offers are real. Levitations and pyrotechnics, and the fortunes told, are real. The members of this carnival have special powers. All but Mara. Mara just wants to be normal and live in a house. Her Winnebago has been home for as long as she can remember but when she meets Gabe, Mara has a glimpse of what a home could be. But something in the small town of Caudry is amiss. When members of her carnival family are brutally attacked and one goes missing, Mara and her family must decide whether to leave without being paid or stay and fight whatever otherworldly force is trying to kill them all. 

Awesome! 4.5 Stuffed Teddy Bears 🐻 

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I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Indigo Books & Music Inc. in exchange for an honest review


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