How To Hang A Witch by Adriana Mather


Release date: July 26, 2016

Thank you Penguin Random House Canada for the Advance Readers Copy. 

5 Bewitching Stars!!!

Samantha Mather hasn’t had it easy. Ever. Bullied all her school days, Samantha’s only friend is her father. When he meets and marries Vivian, she is the perfect addition to their family and another champion for Samantha. Lately though, Samantha’s life has hit the rails again. Her father has slipped into a coma and Vivian, her usually supportive step-mother has turned on her. And to add even more stress, they must sell their New York home to pay for her father’s medical bills. Forced to move back to her father’s childhood home in Salem, Samantha is once again faced with ridicule and bullying at school. But this time it’s different. 

Samantha is a descendant of Cotton Mather. Cotton was a driving force against the Witches of Salem and the girls bullying Sam are known as “The Descendants”. They are descended from the witches that Cotton Mather helped put on trial. 
Samantha’s one friend, is a ghost that only she can see. But when Sam meets Jaxon, the son of her late Grandmother’s caregiver, close friend, and neighbour, Mrs. Merriweather she finally begins to trust in someone again. That is until people start dying and all evidence of the cause of the deaths point to her. Is her trust in Jaxon misplaced or is it an age-old curse that she may have unknowingly unleashed? 

An absolutely unputdownable read! Adriana Mather is a descendant of the Salem Witch Trials and The Mayflower herself. She has written a believable tale that is thrilling and obviously well researched. Think Witches of East End meets The Craft with a little Mean Girls seasoning. 

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