The Voodoo Killings: A Kincaid Strange Novel by Kristi Charish 


 Published by Vintage Canada, May 10, 2016

Canadian author Kristi Charish has a new book in the Urban Fantasy realm! Thank you Vintage Canada and Penguin Random House Canada for the ARC. 

Kincaid Strange is a necromancer. By law, however, she can’t practice her profession. Raising the dead and binding a Zombie is illegal. So, when a wandering zombie who was once a high profile artist lands in her care, Kincaid must use her Otherside abilities to find out how he came to be, and why, before anyone finds out that he is actually a zombie. 

Kincaid’s roommate, the talented Nate, a ghost with just a little bit of attitude, helps Kincaid make money the only legal way they can: Nate does celebrity guest appearances during her seances. To say Kincaid’s life is complicated is an understatement. With zombies, ghosts, ghouls, and other Otherside forces at work against her, Kincaid lands herself in the middle of a multiple murder investigation. She also has common human problems to deal with. Her on again off again BF, the cop that she used to consult with on paranormal cases, is tagging her in this latest string of unexplained murders.  

I truly enjoyed the world that Kristi Charish has created in this undead version of Seattle. There are a whole host of great characters living in Seattle’s Underground City that is quite literally under ground. This novel has the right amount of humour, mystery, and intelligence and is great for fans of urban fantasy/paranormal series. Think Kelley Armstrong meets Charlaine Harris without the vampires and werewolves but with all the kick and all the paranormal. 

4.5 Reanimated Zombies for this one. Can’t wait for Kincaid’s next chapter in this great new urban fantasy series. 

Goodreads link

Buy it link: Chapters/Indigo 


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