Review – All Fall Down by Ally Carter



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Let me start by saying that this book is FANTASTIC! Okay, now that that is out of my system, I can review it properly. What a ride! This is what a thrilling mystery is. Period. I recently finished another “Thriller” that left me feeling cheated. It just completely fell flat. It was touted as a “Top-Notch Thriller…” I think somewhere somehow someone got their blurbs mixed up because that blurb should have been in the cover of All Fall Down!

Ally Carter had me turning pages so fast that this book can only be described as “Fast-paced, thrilling, and unputdownable”. If you’re looking for a book that will keep you up reading into the wee hours, start this one at supper time and don’t plan on sleeping.

Grace is not your average 16 year-old teen. Three years ago, Grace witnessed her Mother’s murder. Or was it murder? Ever since moving back to Embassy Row with her Grandfather the US Ambassador of Adria, she’s questioning her memories. Everyone is telling her that it was an accident. But, deep down, Grace knows that her mother was murdered. And she’s hellbent on proving it. When the man in her nightmares appears, Grace is fuelled in her quest to see justice done.

Ally Carter knows how to get your heart rate pumping. This first book in the Embassy Row series had me wanting more! While satisfied with this instalment, I can’t wait to follow Grace as she continues her journey of discovery. Fabulous!

5 Embassy Seals of Approval!



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