Review – The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins


3 Stars

I’m not sure where to start on my review of this book. While Paula Hawkins is clearly a talented writer, the story just didn’t give me the thrills that it promised. I picked up The Girl on the Train before I’d read any reviews or heard any of the buzz. I picked it up solely for the title, the cover design and the blurb on the flap. I also liked that S. J. Watson called it ” Gripping, Entertaining – A Top-Notch Thriller and A Compulsive Read.” I loved Watson’s “Before I Go To Sleep” and thought that this book would give me similar feels. Not the case. At. All.

Anyone who has ever taken the commuter train has done what The Girl does. We all look out the window and wonder, “Who lives there?”, “I wonder what that house looks like on the inside.” I had such great expectations for this book that maybe the reason for my utter disappointment. Hawkins’ characters are pathetic and they learn absolutely nothing from their experiences. And that’s okay. However, even after reaching the predictable outcome, I felt no sense of satisfaction having read it.

I should have waited and heeded the comparisons to “Gone Girl”. (I disliked that one with a passion) and bypassed this one.


One thought on “Review – The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

  1. Absolutely agree. I was waiting patiently for her to see the ‘shocking thing’ from the train, and then realised it had already happened a while before. :-/

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